Most Common Complaint for Golfers: Neck Pain

MOST COMMON COMPLAINT FOR GOLFERS: NECK PAINDid you know that having better neck movement can help with your golf game?

Summer is in full swing, no pun intended, which means Tri-Cities’ golf courses have never been busier.

From golfers who just play the front nine to golfers who do 36 holes in a day, neck pain is a common complaint. Swing after swing, the constant strain of this movement can affect the mobility of all body parts, but most importantly the neck.

Why is that?

Your neck is important to your overall swing!

The neck can be a particular sore spot for many golfers. As the last body part to move in the golf swing the head must be stable during the backswing to see the ball, but mobile during the follow-through to allow for an entire swing. Even if playing at PAR level at Canyon Lakes or Sun Willows golf courses, a golfer would be swinging around 72 times per round. (If playing PAR at those courses, that golfer is really good)

Let us fix your neck and your swing!

We here at B’s Chiropractic have years of experience helping golfers fix their neck pain. With a thorough examination to determine the cause of the pain. We use muscle work, adjustments, and rehabilitation exercises to get your neck feeling better quickly and keep the pain from coming back.