5 Tips to avoid wrist pain in your golf swing

5 tips to avoid wrist pain in your golf swingAre you a grip it and rip it type of golfer? If so, your grip might be doing you more harm than you realize.

Your wrists should move during your golf swing. You also need to have a good amount of strength in your forearms. Without it, the club/ground contact can lead to ligamentous and muscular strain in your hand and forearms.

Here are five simple steps to avoid wrist pain in your golf swings:

  • Try a flatter swing; this leads to more of a sweeping motion, allowing the wrist to remain in neutral
  • Tee up a shot to avoid club/ground contact (making a divot)
  • Avoid flicking the wrists at impact
  • Refrain from hitting off of mats
  • Consult a golf pro to ensure you have the proper equipment and swing mechanics

By using these tips, you can reduce pain in your wrist and improve your golf game.

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