What You Can Expect

Come in for Assessment

On your first visit, we will discuss what needs you may have and what we suggest to be the best options for you to start your road to recovery.  

Time to Start Treatment

Once we have established what recovery goals you would like to achieve, we will move forward and officially start your rehabilitation process.  On your first visit, after completing the initial intake forms, our providers will treat you.  

Make a plan

After your first treatment we would like to see you again within a week (if not sooner!)  From there, we can discuss treatment options and make a plan on how you and our team should move forward.  

Continue Treatment in Office + at Home Exercises.

​Keep coming in!! The best and fastest way to get back to doing what you love to do, is to maitain a routine of treatment and care to maximaize your recovery rate.  As you continue to improve we can re-assess and decide how to best move forward.

You're Improved!!

You can return to what you love to do!!   Our goal for every patient to be able to become more active and feel even better than before your injury.  Keep coming back for routine treatments and we can keep you on the best path!!