Meet The Team

Kisha Palmer-Hanley Massage Therapist

Rebecca Taylor
Dr. of Chiropractic

Kisha Palmer-Hanley has grown up in the Tri-Cities and has worked as a LMT for years.  She loves camping with her husband and daughter and practicing yoga.  Kisha also enjoys learning new styles and techniques in order to further her abilities as a Massage Therapist.  

Kisha specializes in active mucle release techniques, deep tissue massage and cranial-sacral.  She loves working with a vareity of patients and prides herself on her strong, yet soothing approach..
     Rebecca Taylor is the Owner and Chiropractor for B's Chiropractic.  After growing up in Connell she moved on to play Tennis at Linfield College. She continued onto chiropractic school at Western States University graduating in 2011. Since graduating Dr. Becca has worked in the Tri-Cities and continues to play tennis at CBRC.

     Dr. Becca Taylor specializes in spinal manipulation, as well as active muscle release techniques.  As a chiropractor she takes pride in her ability to treat all parts of the body. She approaches chiropractic with a holistic approach, addressing the causes of pain rather than simply treating the symptoms.