Here are some exercises that could help you at home

Rules for the provided exercises:

- The stretches and exercises below are given as a resource to our patients to supplement in office instruction.

-If at any time you have questions regarding any exercise you have been prescribed please talk to Dr. Becca or staff, we will gladly review it with you.

-Do NOT "fight" through PAIN on any of these exercises.  Do as much as you can without pain.  Some soreness and discomfort is to be expected, however pain is NOT okay, if you have pain with any of the exercises stop and consult Dr. Becca or staff.

  1. Dr. Goodman's Foundation Training: Beginners
    This video WILL help you get better posture. In this video Dr. Eric Goodman walks you through simple Foundation Training exercises, that can help improve posture, alleviate back pain, and enhance athletic performance, by engaging the major muscle chains in your body and helping you identify and utilize proper movement patterns.
  2. Dr. Goodman's Foundation Training: Advanced
    THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS, so please pay attention to the details and posture cues and continue only as long as is comfortable. If you are a beginner, please use the video posted before engaging in this workout.
  3. Bird Dog
    The Bird Dog Exercise is an easy exercise to perform, and it includes many benefits. If done right you will gain strength in your "posterior core", this is especially important because without strength in your back, you will begin to gain problems with day to day movement.
  4. Dead Bug
    The dead bug strengthens the muscles of your core while protecting your spine. This low back pain exercise, strengthens core muscles and helps maintain your abdominal brace.
  5. Superman
    The Superman is a lower back exercise that can be done at home or in the gym. This exercise is easy to do and is very effective in improving lower back muscle coordination and stability, increase body strength and flexibility
  6. Wall Angel
    An exercise called wall angel to help treat upper cross syndrome, improve shoulder function and reduce shoulder pain.